Our Mission

Calysta, in Greek, means “most beautiful.”

We take beauty very seriously. Each one of our products has been formulated to deliver immediate, visible results. What does that look like for you? Clearer, firmer and more luminous skin. Your most beautiful skin.

The Results

Skincare that has the power to treat everything from acne to fine lines to sagging without inflaming or irritating the skin. Calysta Labs products work to leave skin smoother, softer and healthier than ever, while actively treating and preventing signs of damage and aging.

Our Founder


Dr. Hardik Soni is the owner and medical director of a medical spa in Summit, New Jersey
that specializes in skincare, and noninvasive cosmetic treatments and technologies.

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As a physician involved for 10 years in the cosmetic skincare industry, I often found skincare products to be either generic formulations functioning merely as expensive moisturizers, or so harsh that people could not tolerate them. I saw a lack of highly effective skincare that actually produced visible results.

Our Products


Every ingredient that goes into Calysta Labs products has years of research and testing behind it, offering proven benefits to your skin. We deliver the most potent blend of anti-aging ingredients available over the counter–collagen-boosting retinoids, smoothing alpha hydroxy acids, clarifying niacinamides –in meticulously crafted formulations that are balanced with natural anti-inflammatories (organic aloe leaf juice, jojoba seed oil and white willow bark extract, for example) and moisturizing conditioners such as olive fruit oil and panthenol.