Why Plant-Based Skincare Works

Why Plant-Based Skincare Works

What Does It Mean to Be Plant-Based?

To be a plant-based product, or botanical, the product in question must be made entirely from a natural selection of ingredients. This means that it cannot contain any chemical or synthetic ingredients or toxic preservatives commonly found in most commercial products. A plant-based product would be made 100% of natural elements or compounds. This does not mean that your skincare products do not contain preservatives themselves, they are just of a more natural form.  You should, however, still be completely aware of what is in your plant-based skincare. Some plant-based products and other organic solutions claim to be free of toxic preservatives, but still contain them in their ingredient list.  A guaranteed way to check for its purity is to see if there is a "Certified" label on the product.

How Is Plant-Based Different from Chemical-Based?

29_How-Is-Plant-Based-Different-from-Chemical-BasedThe main difference between plant-based and synthetic, or chemical-based, products is the ingredients list.  Plant-based products, and we are talking about the 100% pure plant-based products, consist of only natural elements found in things such as fruits, vegetables, and grains.  These ingredients tend to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins that your body naturally needs and knows how to handle when applied to your skin.

Another significant difference is that most of the common ingredients for plant-based products are aloe, algae, nettle, green tea, and chamomile; all things you have typically heard of.  Whereas products that are not plant-based contain some harmful additives such as parabens, which have been known to cause a significant increase in allergic reactions and other irritation issues.  According to the Environmental Working Group, around 90% of the 10,500 ingredients found in skincare and cosmetics have not been evaluated for safety. Picking a natural, plant-based skincare product is a safe and relieving alternative to the potentially harmful risks of the untested products you may be using.

It is also important to realize that the shelf life is different between the two types of product bases. With any natural, organic, or plant-based product the shelf life will unfortunately be significantly reduced.  That is not to say your product will expire in a week or so, but it will be a shorter amount of time depending on the product compared to that of the synthetic and chemical versions.  Since plant-based products do not contain man made preservatives they tend to expire more quickly. However, in the long run it should be a risk worth taking to free your skin from all the harmful irritants you may not realize you are applying to your body each day.

Why and How Plant-Based Products Work

29_Why-and-How-Plant-Based-Products-Work Plant-based products work just like any other skincare product, but with a couple of distinct exceptions. Since these are plant-based, they naturally do not harm your skin with irritants commonly found in other types of skincare products. 

Plant-based products naturally come packed full of safe, healthy antioxidants, skin repairing, detoxifying, and soothing elements and compounds.

Many plant-based ingredients provide extraordinary results for your skin in many different categories. 

Common ingredients such as green tea and sea buckthorn oil are excellent resources for healing and repairing your skin. 

The natural caffeine in green tea extract and the rich vitamin C of the sea buckthorn have promising healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  They can naturally boost your shine over time. Other ingredients such as chamomile are great for combating oily and acne prone skin.  This natural ingredient reduces redness and reduces irritations leaving your skin feeling fresh, comfortable, and glowing. Among other things, most plant-based products significantly help with signs of aging, scarring, and dry skin.  The most important part to remember is that these ingredients work naturally and seamlessly with your skin and body, unlike chemically enhanced products.

Are Plant-Based Products Worth It?

29_Are-Plant-Based-Products-Worth-ItYou might notice that plant-based skincare products come with a heftier price tag than those of a synthetic base.  For the most part, that is completely accurate. This leads to a follow up question of: "Are they worth it?" I think to answer this properly you should first understand the "why" behind their pricing.

The reason that companies can mass produce products that are not plant-based is because the preservatives and other common synthetic and chemical ingredients are less expensive and much easier to obtain. This leads to why plant-based products are usually more expensive; the ingredients are less obtainable. Natural ingredients typically come from smaller farms and are less easily obtained.

Pricing aside, plant-based products work.  They work great and they are extremely healthy for your skin.  If you are on the fence about trying a plant-based skincare routine, or even a single product, do not let the price cause you to shy away.  You simply cannot put a price on the health of your skin and body.