Panthenol and Skin Care

Panthenol and Skin Care

There are tons of chemicals out there in the products we use on a day-to-day basis. Whether they're naturally occurring or specially formulated, these additives are utilized for hundreds and thousands of purposes. When you hear the term panthenol, what do you think of? For some, you may not think of anything other than a chemical, especially if you aren't sure what panthenol is. Others may automatically take their minds to hair or cosmetic products, because panthenol is a popular element in many hair care and makeup formulas. And for some, including us, panthenol goes hand-in-hand with a variety of ingredients in skin care products. At the store you may find panthenol as one of the main ingredients for skin care, but if you head to the next aisle panthenol is also found in a great number of hair care items on those shelves. So what exactly is panthenol and how does it help your hair and your skin?

Panthenol 101

Before we break down what panthenol does for your skin, let's take a look at what panthenol actually is. Panthenol is a form of the B5 vitamin. Its main use is as a moisturizing compound, also known as a humectant, which is why it is commonly found in hair and skin care products. When used, panthenol helps your body capture moisture and create more nutrients that can benefit both your hair and skin. Due to its properties as a humectant and its hydrophilic and hygroscopic structure, panthenol is able to take moisture from the air around you and attach it to your hair or skin. It also has the ability to work as an emollient or lubricant. When you apply a product containing panthenol to your hair or skin, it can be evenly spread out over a surface. Panthenol is a safe ingredient that has been FDA approved for use in hair, skin, and cosmetics products. panthenol humectant

Panthenol and Hair

Think about how your hair feels before and after using a shampoo or conditioner. Once your hair dries after it is cleaned and conditioned, it feels softer and looks shiner in addition to being freshly washed. This is panthenol at work on your hair. It takes moisture from the air and binds it to your hair strands, which is why your hair becomes soft and smooth after using certain products containing the ingredient. Panthenol also helps your hair become more elastic and less brittle. If you are combing your hair and notice more strands falling out or trapped in the comb, panthenol can help keep the strands on your head rather than on the floor of your bathroom. Panthenol also works well as a detangler due to its moisturizing components. panthenol in hair Those with curly or hard to manage hair often resort to using detangling sprays and shampoos to make brushing and styling less of a hassle. Hair products that contain panthenol may include shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, hair gels, and more. The next time you are at the store searching for a new shampoo, check out the bottles to see how many companies use panthenol as an ingredient in their products.

Panthenol and Your Skin

Panthenol sounds like a beneficial ingredient in hair care products, but what can it do for skin? When applied directly to the skin, panthenol converts to a pantothenic acid, which migrates into the skin to capture the moisture your skin is craving. Because of its ability to naturally lock in moisture from the air, panthenol is a popular ingredient in moisturizers and other creams that can be applied to the face and body. If you struggle with dry skin, panthenol can help lock in that moisture and keep your skin hydrated and healthy. panthenol hydrates Aside from skin care products you apply to your face, panthenol is also used in ointments and other personal care products. When you have a bug bite that won't stop itching, applying a treatment containing panthenol can reduce itching and supply moisture to that area. The same thing goes for sunburns, cuts, or scrapes. Ointments and sun relief products rely on panthenol to help the area heal by adding necessary moisture and reducing inflammation.

Even if you've never been much of a product label reader, you may look at more bottles of products to see if panthenol is at work in many of the items that can be found in your shower, vanity, or on your bathroom sink. Panthenol is a natural component that is beneficial for a variety of reasons, which is why it is so widely used. At Calysta Labs, we use natural ingredients in our products that provide numerous benefits to the skin, and panthenol is no exception. Take a look at our products to determine what your skin needs the most and be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.