Good Skincare: Why Gentler Is Better

Good Skincare: Why Gentler Is Better

Let's face it - the feeling you get when the perfect product touches your skin is a reward for the senses. The sensations of healing and bliss are like being escorted into a spa. Your senses come alive and whether you feel energized or relaxed, the radiance and beauty is wonderfully satisfying. If you stop and enjoy the experience for a moment it can be as lovely as biting into a perfectly ripe and sweet piece of fruit, or watching the sunset over the ocean. Whether the gentle caress of the right moisturizer, or caressing zest of a great restorative cleanser, a good skincare product can make you look and feel your most beautiful in the gentlest possible way.

The alternatives to gentle perfection range from bland and boring, to mediocre, to horrible and painful. Certainly there are some fine products that might not make you feel like you just took a mini-vacation, but if they are also less than completely gentle on your skin why use them? And if the alternatives are not great, or even good, for your skin then shouldn't you just avoid them?

Personalizing Good Skincare

Good skincare begins with understanding your skin and its properties. Do you have oily skin? Is your skin dry? Is your skin delicate? Are you allergic to anything? Do you have any underlying health issues? Each of these might require you to take a different approach toward caring for your biggest, and one of the most complex, organs.

The next question to ask yourself is whether you have specific problems that you are trying to solve. Are you concerned about fine lines or wrinkles? Is there a brightness, dullness, or shininess issue? Are you prone to acne? Is there noticeable sagging? Is there discoloration, freckles, or age spots?

Also key are environmental questions. Do you live in an area with great air, or is there smog and air pollution? Is the sun harsh? Is it dry or humid? And do you have ready access to fresh, clean water and healthy fruits, vegetables and other foods that contain natural and organic vitamins and minerals? personalized skincare Taking all of this into consideration allows you to assess how to manage your skin's problems, care for your skin, and protect your skin so that you can maintain and enhance your beauty. By employing this holistic approach, beyond just protecting that beauty, you are helping to assure that the critical functions that your skin provides to you, such as protection against the elements, are enhanced. This also allows you to determine the least amount of product assistance you need to deliver good skincare for you and create a good skincare routine.

How to Treat Your Skin Right

You know the old adage, less is more? Well, in the case of skincare this definitely holds true. The large majority of us will find that we only need 2 or 3 skin care products. A cleanser, a moisturizer, and perhaps a mask or a serum or treatment specific to a problem that is unique to our skin. The closer these products are to natural and organic the gentler they will be on the skin.

Because your skin is a complex organ that is deeply integrated into your overall health and well-being, you do not want to overwhelm it with unnecessarily harsh treatments that can damage it. Beyond interrupting its functions, you can inadvertently create visible signs of damage that may be irreversible. Most chemicals and synthetics tend to be much harsher than what nature produces and may be very bad for you. Mediocre and bad products do not allow for your skin's holistic health as part of their approach to beauty. Because of this they are not designed to be as gentle as possible to the entire organ and in fact may be quite harsh to it.

Great skincare products, on the other hand, balance the best of what scientists and dermatologists have discovered in a laboratory and through extensive testing, with the most effective and targeted gifts from nature. With certain exceptions, you are unlikely to have any negative impacts of using just the plant or fruit itself on your skin, but you would be missing the benefits of treating your skin to the best formulation. balance of natural and chemical skincare

Good Skincare Is Like a Massage

Think about it this way. You need a massage. Your muscles are tight and sore. It would feel amazing to just have a back rub, but you know that you need some deep tissue work because that is the only way the knots are going to be worked out. You also know that too much pressure causes unnecessary pain and even bruising or is otherwise dangerous. So, you get one massage and you have to chose one massage therapist. Do you go for a) the back rub? b) the strongest and deepest pressure you can find? Or c) a balanced and effective approach that will give you the best of both worlds and actually treat you with skilled, but gentle pressure that doesn't exceed what you need.

Most of us would wisely chose c) in the above scenario because it will be the most enjoyable possible experience with the most benefits and the least amount of discomfort or damage. This is exactly the approach that makes sense for your skin. Always go with the gentlest approach possible. Products designed for this will have you looking and feeling your most beautiful. And remember, a good skincare routine focuses on your specific skin. gentler is always better skincare