Exercise and Your Skin

Exercise and Your Skin

Keeping your body in top shape is one of the many ways to lose weight, stay healthy, and improve your overall lifestyle. Regular workouts provide many benefits to your body both physically and mentally, and this includes your skin. Taking good care of your skin by sticking to a regular skin care routine and keeping up with exercise can provide a number of benefits that you may not realize. It may be difficult to get into the habit of regular exercise, but the benefits to the body outweigh the pain and sweat!  Here are some of the ways in which exercise can have a positive impact on your skin, from clearer skin to anti-aging benefits, and what to keep in mind during exercise.

Working up a Sweat

Aside from regulating body temperature and cooling your body during exercise, sweat can actually benefit your skin in a few different ways. Sweat gently exfoliates the skin through the salt and minerals that are found in it. Aside from the natural exfoliation, sweat releases impurities from the skin. Sweat can also keep your skin from drying out. Just be sure to drink water before your workout to make sure your body is properly hydrated. One of the most interesting benefits of sweat is that it works as a "mini-facial" on the skin. When sweat is released from your pores, it flushes out any of the trapped dirt and oil. Congested pores can cause acne, so the more you exercise, the fewer problems you may have because pores are flushed out on a regular basis. Don't use sweat as a reason to skip washing your face and keeping up with a skin care routine, but it can be more beneficial to your skin than you've imagined. sweat cleans pores

Anti-Aging Benefits

Anti-aging products may produce the most results on your quest for younger, wrinkle-free skin, but exercise can give your skin the extra boost it needs to stay vibrant. Regular aerobic exercise can actually aid in promoting blood flow to the skin, which helps with the natural production of necessary oils that moisturize the skin. Better moisturization means fewer wrinkles and signs of aging develop.

What to Watch out For

Exercise is good for your skin, but it can present a few problems when you don't properly take care of your skin before and after your workout. Avoid exercising with makeup on, as it can keep pores clogged preventing the sweat from properly flushing them out during your workout. Also remember to drink plenty of water before, during, and after a workout to keep your body hydrated along with your skin to prevent dehydration. The clothes you wear during workouts can also help your skin. Choose clothing that is designed to keep sweat and toxins from lingering on the skin for too long. Loose clothing can also prevent rashes and irritation from clothes rubbing against skin. If you choose to exercise outside, your skin will need to be protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. Make sure you are applying SPF to your face and other exposed areas of your skin prior to beginning your workout. Sweat can sometimes mix in with sunscreen, so choose a sunscreen that is meant for use during workouts so you get the maximum amount of protection possible. regular exercise blood flow Remember what we mentioned about sweat flushing out contaminants and dirt from your pores? While sweat does help with that, it does not remove these from the surface of your skin, which is why showering and washing your face is so important after a workout. It's not just to get rid of the sweaty smell associated with exercise! Washing your skin after a workout will remove any of the contaminants your sweat removed from your pores and prevent anything from being reabsorbed into the skin. Keep up with an exfoliating routine a couple times a week to remove any dead skin cells from the body as well. Getting into an exercise routine can be difficult to pick up, but the benefits of working out are worth it for your body and your skin. If you are looking to start exercising regularly, or are exercising on a daily basis and want to help your skin as much as possible, Calysta Labs products may be your answer. When it's time to cleanse your face after a good workout, the Restorative Foaming Cleanser may be the cleansing product for you. This product penetrates deep into the skin to help clear out any dirt and impurities that have found their way into the skin. It will also help your skin look fresh, brighter, and more radiant. Head into your next workout with fresh and clean skin to give yourself more confidence as you work your way to a healthier and happier you!