Charcoal For Your Face, It's Not War Paint

Charcoal For Your Face, It's Not War Paint
In the beauty and skin care world, charcoal has been all the rage over the past couple of years, and for good reason. Charcoal has been found to have numerous amazing benefits for your skin, particularly on your face. When you apply a charcoal mask or product, you may think you look like you are wearing war paint, but the mask's ingredients are hard at work purifying your pores and treating imperfections. In a way, the mask is at war with any of the skin impurities you may have on your face. To better help you understand why charcoal is an essential skin care ingredient, despite how silly it may make you look, here are some of the reasons why charcoal can benefit your skin.

How it Works

The thought of applying a charcoal-based product all over your face may not seem like the most attractive idea, but it can help your skin more than you may realize. First, it's important to note the difference between the charcoal you use on your grill during a barbeque and the charcoal you can apply to benefit your skin. The charcoal that aids your skin is known as activated charcoal, which has been specially formulated to be absorbent. When a charcoal mask or product is applied to your skin, it immediately draws out impurities like bacteria, dirt, oil, chemicals, and other toxins. These toxins are absorbed and trapped in the charcoal formula that is rinsed off once you are finished using the product. When activated charcoal sits on your face, you may feel a tightening sensation as the product dries. Once a few minutes have passed, you can rinse or peel off the mask to notice the difference in your skin.

Benefits of Charcoal 

As mentioned before, activated charcoal is mainly used to draw out any toxins that could be lingering deep within your skin. While this is one of the main benefits, there are other reasons why charcoal can positively impact your skin. First, charcoal can clean out and reduce the size of your pores. Your pores can easily clog with dirt and bacteria, which can lead to acne - another of the skin issues charcoal can assist you with. Activated charcoal has a slightly gritty texture that can exfoliate your skin in addition to absorbing any impurities. Charcoal is typically recommended for people who suffer from blackheads. For those with shiny, oily skin, you may also notice positive results after using a charcoal mask. Because the charcoal is absorbing toxins, it is working to absorb any excess oil from your skin as well, leaving you with a matte finish. Activated charcoal can benefit those with varying skin types, but it's important to note that a charcoal mask or product should not be used more than twice a week to prevent over-drying.

Fun Facts: Other Medical Uses for Charcoal

It turns out, charcoal can do more than treat your skin, and it is certainly more than something you use by the grill at a backyard barbeque. Activated charcoal has been used for other reasons by the medical community to treat patients with a variety of ailments. One of the main uses for charcoal in emergency rooms is to treat patients who have been poisoned. When charcoal is given to the patient, the chemicals in the poison attach to the charcoal for easy removal from the body. Charcoal is even used in the dental world as toothpaste that works hard to keep your teeth white. The gritty texture in the formula and its absorbing abilities can work wonders on dirty, yellowing teeth. While we enjoy its skin care benefits the most, activated charcoal has many other uses that can keep your whole body healthy.

Calysta Labs and Charcoal

 Because charcoal has been a hot topic and popular product in the skin care community, there are hundreds of brands and various masks out there to try. While some charcoal products can produce amazing results for your skin, others may fall flat or leave your skin more irritated. If you're on the hunt for the right charcoal mask that will clear up your skin, look no further than the Calysta Labs Clarifying Charcoal Peel-Off Mask. This nourishing, dual-action peel-off mask will draw out the toxins, dirt, and bacteria that has settled into your skin, and leave you with a smooth, radiant, clean and clear face. The Calysta Labs formula contains natural ingredients like lavender, jojoba seed oil, aloe leaf juice, sunflower seed extract, and more, in addition to acne-clearing ingredients like salicylic acid. Unlike other charcoal masks on the market, the Calysta Labs mask will keep your skin moisturized after use to prevent your skin from drying out. If you're curious to learn more or try it out for yourself, just click here!